TBC Church App

A How To Guide

How to Download
  • Click one of the three links below, based on the store on your phone or tablet.
  • Download the app, once the link has been followed.

How to Set Up a Subsplash Account
  • Download app below
  • click the menu button in top left of App home screen..
  • Choose your login preference (Email or Facebook)
  • Navigate to "Sign-up" tab.
  • Create account with your info.
    • Now you are done!

How to Set Up Notifications
  • Click the three bars in the top left corner
  • Click the Settings option in the drop-down menu
  • Click Notifications in the setting Tab
  • In the Notifications tab, toggle the ministries to the green setting to receive notifications for that ministry.

How to Set up Subsplash Giving
  • In the App, navigate to the giving link.
  • choose your amount to donate and the frequency you would like to give it.
  • Click to add a payment method
    • Link a debit or credit card
    • Link a bank account
      • linking a bank account will require a 2-3 day verification for first time donations.
  • Click whether you would like to also cover the processing fee (price of fee is listed in the optional box).
  • Then click the blue box at the bottom!
    • Thank you for your generous donation and your commitment to TBC!

Help us by making the switch to the new giving platform!