Sunday School Classes for Adults

Temple Baptist Church has a variety of 9:00AM Sunday School classes for adults to become a part of for fellowship and spiritual growth!
Check out our growing list below
Exploring the Kingdom of God throughout the bible - Room 401 in the Youth Room
In this class we will be exploring the developing theme of the ever advancing and conquering Kingdom of God throughout the Bible. Special focus will be placed upon Genesis, King David, and the first and second coming of Jesus, our King and Savior. Through this class, you will come to understand your purpose in this Kingdom. A misunderstanding of this theme results in nothing more than a half-cooked understanding of your own purpose
Matchless by Angie Smith - Room 101
Join this 8 session class as they search for truth in the unfolding story of our savior - His mission, miracles, and message. Through her signature wit and accessible style, Angie unpacks Scripture in a way that is easy to understand, regardless of how long you've been studying the Bible. This study will deepen your understanding of Jesus through biblical, historical and cultural insight and help you see Him less as a iconic figure and more as a friend.
Revelation - Room 201
This will be a discussion of the Revelation Series Pastor Steve is going through in the Worship Services, where topics touched on can be discussed in more depth with guidance on how they relate to us.
The Invisible War - Room 301
Some Christians believe strongly in the existence of demons and spiritual warfare. Others downplay or even ignore the idea. With such divergent views, how are Christians supposed to know the truth about demonic forces at work in the world? The Invisible War examines what every believer needs to know about Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare, offering a balanced look at this controversial subject. This provocative book will help Christians understand what the Bible says about these threats and will show them how they can safeguard themselves and their families through prayer.